DeFi: The Gods!

DeFi The Gods!
3 min readFeb 1, 2022


Hello Champions! There has been a lot of work, time and excitement put into DTG and the community so far. We have had character reveals, whitepage launch, new team members hired, started a multisig treasury, hit the 1k mark on Discord and made huge strides towards our goal of getting the mint site launched! Which I am sure all of you are happy about! But, we know you all are also interested in the future of DTG. Where are we going and what do we plan to do? A lot of you have seen most of that info in the whitepaper and on Discord. What we haven’t really dove into yet, is land.

Land will be separated into 3 different locations. The first location and the closest to the castle of Harmonia will be referred to as the Noble Area. The Noble Area will have the the largest plots available and they will be in the safest area. This will be helpful because players will be closer to professionals and have quick access to quests. Players will also be able to leave their houses in relative safety.

The second location for land will be known as the Middle Ground. The Middle Ground will be located on the outskirts of Harmonia. A little farther from the castle and less safe as well. Plots here will be less expensive than the Noble Area, but smaller and comes with risks, such as running into aggressive monsters.

The final area for land plots will be almost completely outside of Harmonia. This area will be referred to as The Village. The village will have the smallest and cheapest plots available in all of Harmeria. It will be quite a dangerous area if you leave your house, which will be a safe zone. The monsters around the village will be moderately high level and they will auto attack any player under a certain level.

The way we are going to determine purchasable plots is as follows:

Center of green is Harmonia Castle. Red ring is outside Harmonias border.

The total land areas available for purchase will end up being the shape of rings. While the individual plots will be square. This will give us a nice wide range to put everyone while also maintaining the spirit of how we want land to work. Which is more danger farther from the Castle.

The price and quantity of land has yet to be decided. Information like that can be found on our Discord, which always has live updates. The link can be found at the bottom of this Medium article.

The benefits for land will be many. Other players will be able to rent pieces of your land to put a house on! Houses on rented land will not be as large or helpful as the homes of the land owners themselves. Rented land homes will not be able to have shop items, so you will always have to go to Harmonia to work with professionals. And houses on rented land will be smaller. Land owners in the Noble Area will be able to add small farms to their plots. The Noble Area will be the only area that has that benefit.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or my team on Discord or Twitter. We appreciate all the love and support you guys have given so far and i can’t wait to continue this journey with you all!





DeFi The Gods!

A new MMORPG coming to HarmonyOne Protocol.