DeFi: The Gods!

Hey there fellow Champions of Harmonia! What an awesome week it has been for the project and community! We couldn’t be more excited. We appreciate everyone who has minted a Champion and the patience the community has shown us, which will allow us to build the best game possible for everybody. Let us catch you guys up on all the great things that have been going on!

February 28th 5:45 EST our website was launched to mainnet! We were also launched on the very same time. There were almost 1000 mints in 24 short hours and tons of activity on the secondary market. There were giveaways and contests in the Discord and a good time was had by all! Now that the smoke has settled a little bit we can dive into to how we’ve been utilizing the funds now available to the project!

The first thing we did was put out a call to any Unity Developers able and willing to work on the project with us and we have a few meetings set up to look for some proper fits for the team. On the art side of things, we have unique and original tile sets being developed for Harmonia and the King and Queens Castle by two very talented pixel artists. We also hired an artist to start developing and animating the Champions. We will be dropping sneak peeks and works in progress as they share with us.

After we got some traction in that direction, we wanted to tackle community outreach. To do this we hired our first Community Manager. SoaringFish#1550 will be the face on Discord, running a lot of the events and chatting with the community. He will also be helping with our Twitter, Reddit and adding a Facebook page as well! He is very excited to be on the team and we are excited to have him. Feel free to reach out on Discord and say hi to any of us.

As a project that is determined to help the Harmony ONE community grow we have also begun working with some other projects to help spread awareness about harmony as well as doing AMAs and podcasts. DTGs first experience on the air waves was March 3rd, 2022. Two of our lead team members were asked to appear on The Inner Grove. Though their podcasts usually stick to DFK, they have a new segment relating to other gameFi projects on the Harmony protocol. The link to the entire podcast can be found here. It was a blast for everyone and two members of the audience received some Champion NFTs for participating in a little trivia. We hope we can do it again in the future.

We have also teamed up with Cerebral Gaming DAO and Crypto Clay! He has already made 1 video on Youtube talking a little about DTG and we also have an AMA in their Discord on Monday night. Specific time TBA. We will be introducing some neat Cerebral Gaming themed cosmetics into the game as well so show our support.

Stay tuned, as we will be having a lot of Lore, art, and other teasers coming soon! We appreciate the continued love and support of the project made by gamers, for gamers and we can’t wait to see everybody on the other side. Harmonia and our Champions are waiting for us.



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DeFi The Gods!

DeFi The Gods!

A new MMORPG coming to HarmonyOne Protocol.