Tokenomics: How, Wen, Where and Why?

NFT Staking

Hello Champions of Harmonia! Big news has reached the Kingdom! We have officially started the process of adding NFT staking to our website. Stakers will be able to access 25% of the rewards immediately, while the scaling 75% will remain locked for 6 months. After the initial 6 month locked period rewards will unlock linearly over a period of 6 months. Our token HAS NOT launched yet and we will not be announcing a name for it until launch time.

We don’t have an exact date for releasing this but the team will provide live updates about this in our Discord.


DTG’s tokenomic flow chart, this will be added to over the coming weeks

Emissions of our token will come from NFT staking, PVP, Bosses, and Daily/Weekly quests. Champions will have the ability to collect resources then use them to craft NFT items by paying a crafting fee in our native token. These NFT items will be tradable on our own version of a secondary market. A small % of each transaction on the market place will be burned and small % will be collected by the King and Queen.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the chart, starting with daily and weekly quests. These quests will come in all shapes and sizes, some being easy to unlock and others taking heaps of time and effort. With that bit of knowledge you could imagine variable rewards, for example one daily could give a few iron bars and a fraction of the token while another might just give you a few pieces of wood. These repetitive quests will be integrated into land but work a bit different, more on that in another medium! (Since guilds tie directly into land we’ll release that later too!)

In the top right section we factor in the blood crystals, if you need a reminder on those click here. Once you get your hands on one of these very rare items, you’ll be able to take it to Tarvok in the Village. There you’ll offer up the blood crystal and some of our token to create your new champion NFT. When this happens those tokens are redistributed to our reward pools.

We would like to thank our community for its continued support through our growth and we can’t wait to start rewarding all of our early Champ holders. We couldn’t have made it this far without you!



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